A forgotten dream


Somewhere up on
a distant hill
there hides the gate
of your deepest dream
out of your reach

yet within your soul
lurk all the answers
that you need,
inside the most precious part
of your heart
hides a little key
to open the gate
of your long
forgotten dream

dreams feed on longings
while the lack of courage
is their death
only those who are brave
climb up that hill
they follow the call
from within their soul
and grow into
who God
destined them to be
long ago

the rest ponder
on the impossibility of the quest
they drown the dream
with their fears
life leads them up
that distant hill

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 20th August 2015)


I came to your hill

2015-03-17 19.03.05-2

I came to your hill
to light a fire
on the flame of
God’s love
I came to kneel
before my past
before all that ever was
imprinted on my

I followed footsteps
in the night
that led me to your
so I came to your hill
to ask direction,
a way home
as the one to which
I belonged
was taken away
and I felt all

As I knelt
a tear strolled
down my cheek
and kissed the ground
that held me
in its safe arms
God looked from above
and smiled
but I could not see
as tear after tear
rolled down my face
blurred my vision
dimmed my sight
purifying the sadness
that nested inside
my heart

I longed for a song
that will rise inside
my soul
but every sound went
and silence filled the air
it’s not yet time to sing
out of this despair

Yet in this darkness
stark as the bosom
of the night
while I could not see
a soft flame was lit
inside of
in the farthest
depths of my

A song of relief
I could not
yet sing
would take a while
to rise
but a bird flew
to a near-by tree
and sang a song
giving voice to all
I had hidden
every hope,
every sigh of love
and loss
compassionately she
put it in a song

Tear after tear
still fell down my
as my body shivering
was being clothed
with the shadow
of the night

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 18th March 2015)