Guardians of the light


Hidden, in the depth of the womb
Light has burst into existence
Invisible to any eye but God’s
More glorious than the creation of the world
More miraculous than the fact there is life on earth
More breathtaking than a seed that blossoms into a tree
More fascinating than a bird in flight
Or a fully star-lit sky at night
Because God lives within it

And yet it’s a humble start
And some won’t make it
Because of uncertainty of nature
Or the knife

But you and I
Can be guardians of this light
Miraculous as it is
For when people hand someone the knife to put it down,
their angels weep

© Iva Beranek (2017) #savethe8th



He walks in the shadows

He walks in the shadows
illuminating them with light
in the lowliest places he dies
turning dead-ends into life

When I was down
on the ground
pleading for him to hear
my heart’s cry
he listened,
not from above
but from the lowest place
in the garden
where he did the same
pleading to the Father
for the cup to pass him by

he knew our sorrows
so we can clothe them with his joys
he became a citizen of earth
like us
to lead us home
beyond the constrains
of this life
showing that heaven
starts within
our hearts

© Iva Beranek (Chicago, 31st March 2018)

Talk to me about light


“Talk to me about light”,
he said
and I thought of the first ray
of the morning sun
that removes darkness at dawn
and how gently it kisses
a flower hidden in the grass
that’s how your light
caresses my soul

He looked at me with the gaze
firmly attached onto my eyes
as if seeking my depths
in love
and saying silently,
“talk to me about light,
once more”

I smiled
but what can I say about light
to the one who enlightens
my soul

yet I obliged
by pointing to the light,
the greatest among them,
which blinds death
with the vigour of life
holding miracles in each ray
when this light reaches my heart
everything that was dead
comes to life

“Talk to me about light!”,
he exclaimed,
like a lover who is never satisfied
always wanting more
and knowing that more
will be given

This time …. I stared
into the empty space
between his heart and mine
and said,
“YOU speak to me about light,
and why is there darkness 
where only light should be?”

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 16th May 2017)

Strong woman 


No, I don’t believe
in a parallel universe
but that won’t stop me
from imagining other lives
that play a tune
in my soul
sometimes loud like a cry
other times only
a whisper
or a gaze from a passer-by
‘Do I know you?’

‘Not yet my dear,
but wait for it…
ask me again next year’

Strong woman,
who doesn’t care
what you think,
in a dress,
painted nails,
a smile as her best
Laughter, roaring
laughter is
the sound I make
as my eyes
get locked with yours
Satisfaction is my middle name
All the care I could have
is washed away
with regret
that I left behind long ago

I offer you a drink
no, it’s not what you think
martini is too posh
for you
beer smells bad
so I offer you a cup-full
of my poetry
delicious taste that
lingers on your lips

You look up
I am gone
I don’t wait around anymore
You smile,
“I’m gonna get her, somehow”

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 24th February 2017)



If all the memories
cracked open in me
a waterfall would come
from within my heart
not a waterfall of tears and
sadness, nor a
waterfall of joy either
but one that is filled with every
emotion, thought, sigh
every laughter I ever felt
whether asleep or awake,
waterfall vibrant and alive
full of strength as it’s
gushing out
and all those memories
stored in my very cells
would explode in the symphony
as if singing with choirs of birds
millions drops of water
bursting from within
each representing a memory
sometimes glistening
in the light of the sun
looking like diamonds
or pearls,
sometimes raging
into a storm
as they fall
they would paint a different
kind of me
from year to year
and yet the same one
all along

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 17th February 2017)
Photo by © Iva Beranek

To a teenage daughter I never had


don’t be afraid to cry
for the life you never had
for the years of joy or
as they weaved a tapestry
in your soul
all the intricate moments
that sometimes come to you
in fragments and
other times they sweep you
like a river of memories
good and bad
all mixed up

that is
they would come
had my life been different
but I never bore you below
my breast
you never nested
in the middle of my being
the man who could have
been your father
is unknown to me
perhaps we never even met

if I ever am a mother
and you are born
you will never know me
as I am now
still somewhat young
struggling through life
loving and breathing
even when love is scarce
and breath costs more than
blood ridden gold from
an African goldmine

what comforts me the most:
you will not know
wars that are plaguing the earth
at this time,
there will be new ones
people never learn
but I hope at least
the war that is sometimes
raging in my soul
will be gone
before you are born

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 20th January 2017)
Photo by © Iva Beranek

I am not she

I am not she
who speaks gently
to you at night
nor she who
finds a mirror
in your eyes

I am not she
whose passion flows
in your veins
nor she who
undresses your thoughts
at the end of a long day

I am not she
who when winds of change
come your way
stands still, unshaken
like a diamond next to a rock
loving you nonetheless
with vigour and might
proving against all odds
that nothing can shake
the home
of you and I

I am not she
but she lives
in me

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 29th September 2016)

I shed a river


2015-11-09 22.54.49

I shed a river for you
Tear after tear
To fall
Like heaven’s rain
On your heart

I shed a cry or two
When no one saw me
Cries of love
In affection, pleading
That your depths may be
With light

I shed a thought
For your smiles
Gently contemplating
The beauty of your face
And again
A tear or two
To wash the darkness
In which your smile

I shed a prayer
For sunshine
In your soul
To sooth the ache
Through the years

Golden lights of Sun
Smiling within your core
Would break away
The darkness
From my soul
And help me
Shed some smiles
Mirroring your joy

I shed a flower
That would not grow
Planting it, I sang
A song that angels
Taught me

Yet no knowledge
Do I have
If my shedding
Brought any of these
‘Bright things’
Thus, I brace myself
Resolute to shed
Whatever it takes
For your inner beauty
To shine in happiness

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 17th January 2011, dedicated to Ireland)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


2016-02-12 19.23.22-3

my prayer was
drawing water from
an empty well
I found nothing in it
but tears and

you stood by my side
took my hand
“leave the bucket behind”,
you said,
and you led me
to your empty grave

I looked into
your eyes
not knowing what to do
“this stone is rolled over
for you,
tell me, what you
want me to do”

‘make me free
take what I can no longer
carry with me
show me that in my soul
you can turn death
into life
all the sickness that I
carry inside
like your wounds
were healed
after your terrible
dark night,
bring me fully
into life’

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 24th August 2016)
Photo by © Iva Beranek