Originally I am from Croatia, but for many years now I have lived in Ireland, my true home. I have a Ph.D in Christian Spirituality and I love to learn about life through beauty, seasons and by interacting with others.

There are many unwritten stories in me; some have already been lived, and among them are those that need to be heard too. Others are just a product of my imagination. This is an attempt at making them known, until the time comes and I decide to gather my writing and put it in a book.

I already have one book published; it is not a work of fiction but rather goes under the academic writing. However, I was told that it flows well, and is very easy, engaging read. If you are interested, it is called “Belfast, a City with a Wounded Heart; Hope of Redemption” and you can find it on Amazon.

If someone asked me, “Why do you write?”, I’d say: I write in order to live, to express, to grow, to tell a story and move on. For many years now I have had a thirst to share some of what I experience with others. Here, I do so with you. I write same as I breathe, in order to be able to live.

(For more in-depth information pop in here and read I write in order to live).
© Iva Beranek

10 thoughts on “About

  1. And there’s nothing worse than carrying an untold story inside of you! I’ll be poking around your blog. And thanks for the follow. (The letter piece was VERY intriguing. Going to do something with it?)

    • Thank you! There is part 2 and 3 about the letter, one is called The second letter and another Mrs. Browning 🙂 they are both here on the blog under either ‘stories’ or Writing101.

  2. I am looking forward to exploring your blog more. I have it bookmarked! As soon as I opened your link your header had me. I love the look of your site and from a functional point of view it is very easy to navigate. A quick scan has shown me several articles I want to read. so as Arnie said “I’ll be back”!

  3. Hi Iva! I’m Amanda– I found your blog on the commons because we’re both taking Blogging 101. It’s nice to find a fellow writer on this site! This is a very well written about page, too.

  4. Hello Iva, Thank you for liking my blog. I think what you are doing with your blog is pretty special. Lovely to have poems, prose, deep thought and logical observations all together. All the best…

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