Strong woman 


No, I don’t believe
in a parallel universe
but that won’t stop me
from imagining other lives
that play a tune
in my soul
sometimes loud like a cry
other times only
a whisper
or a gaze from a passer-by
‘Do I know you?’

‘Not yet my dear,
but wait for it…
ask me again next year’

Strong woman,
who doesn’t care
what you think,
in a dress,
painted nails,
a smile as her best
Laughter, roaring
laughter is
the sound I make
as my eyes
get locked with yours
Satisfaction is my middle name
All the care I could have
is washed away
with regret
that I left behind long ago

I offer you a drink
no, it’s not what you think
martini is too posh
for you
beer smells bad
so I offer you a cup-full
of my poetry
delicious taste that
lingers on your lips

You look up
I am gone
I don’t wait around anymore
You smile,
“I’m gonna get her, somehow”

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 24th February 2017)


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