I shed a river


2015-11-09 22.54.49

I shed a river for you
Tear after tear
To fall
Like heaven’s rain
On your heart

I shed a cry or two
When no one saw me
Cries of love
In affection, pleading
That your depths may be
With light

I shed a thought
For your smiles
Gently contemplating
The beauty of your face
And again
A tear or two
To wash the darkness
In which your smile

I shed a prayer
For sunshine
In your soul
To sooth the ache
Through the years

Golden lights of Sun
Smiling within your core
Would break away
The darkness
From my soul
And help me
Shed some smiles
Mirroring your joy

I shed a flower
That would not grow
Planting it, I sang
A song that angels
Taught me

Yet no knowledge
Do I have
If my shedding
Brought any of these
‘Bright things’
Thus, I brace myself
Resolute to shed
Whatever it takes
For your inner beauty
To shine in happiness

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 17th January 2011, dedicated to Ireland)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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