Encounter (fiction)

Woman gazing by Anna Gorin

She was leaning against the wall when he first saw her. She seemed frail but that is not what he noticed. She was gazing into the distance, across the fields, into something marvellous that captured her attention. A small fence and the wood that stretched beyond the fields were in front of them. He could not see what she was looking at, but he was captivated by her face. Her smile as if made of rubies shined in the morning light; if he could follow her thoughts he could decipher the origin of such smile, but he did not dare to approach lest he disturb her. 

Yet we all know when we are being watched so she turned to glance behind her back. Their gazes met. Without knowing how or why he suddenly felt weak, like a bird that recognised itself as a prey. Almost an instant later, the opposite happened. Her smile showered him with a radiant force and in that moment he was ‘seen’, he was born.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 1st July 2016)
Photo by © Anna Gorin


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