But I have only tears


You say, “give me a drink”,
but my Lord
all the water I have
are my tears
streaming down my face
they cannot satisfy your thirst
as they spring from
a deep well in my soul
that only you can answer
only you can fill
it rains in my heart
these days
even when tears
don’t fall

Your eyes, deeper that
the ocean and the sky
married in one gaze,
penetrate into my heart;
I gasped
as from my tears
you drank

It’s like radar
that look of yours
drawing me into
your presence
which radiates delight,
yet to all the questions you ask
I have no words to say
but only tears
even when they
don’t fall
down my face

What is the use of prayer,
my dear Lord,
when you answer none
that are deep like
this Jacob’s well
you offer water of life
but answers
those that my heart thirsts for
are hard to tell

As soon as I said
these crooked words
of longing, of love,
I feel myself embraced,
by none other
than You Lord,
and now I know,
as my ears are led to rest
on your chest
that you have these same tears
in your soul

© Iva Beranek (Dublin,  January 2015; inspired by John 4)


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