Grief is….

grief - risingcairn_3

Grief is a weird reality that on very rare occasions seems like a friend, or at least as something that will help you grow, but most often than not it acts like an enemy wanting to tear you down, fully to tear you apart so you would need to collect the stitches of who you used to be in order to rebuild and become someone new. In grief you see what you are made of, what in you is made of steel, what is rubber or merely straw that evaporates with a little bit of heat.

Grief is like death. No, grief is death, most severe of them all, as what needs to die in order to be born again is your soul. Grief changes you, sweeps you so completely that you no longer recognise your own thoughts, no longer know how to distinguish right from wrong; anger, anger is so strong in grief. But anger clears away inner attachments that you were holding onto for too long; at least it tries to. Sadness then jumps in in order to complete the process of tearing you apart.

Grief comes in waves, like a storm raging from within your heart. And then it rains through your eyes. It also comes in waves of anger, strong, fierce anger, that rages in your mouth and flows through your fist and gathers in the pit of your stomach, making you almost feel ill.

© Iva Beranek (2015, excerpt)
Sculpture “Rising Cairn” by © Celeste Roberge


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