Collecting my winning photo

Last month it was one of the ‘firsts’ in my life; one of my photos made it to a photo exhibition run by Outdoor Studio. I went to the opening night on 4th April in Skerries Mills, Skerries. It was a great honour to see my photo on the wall with other winning photos. The exhibition ran for two weeks, and then all the photographers who took part in the exhibition would be given their print, to keep.

I collected my photo today. As I was walking with this proud wrapping beneath my hand, I felt like a real artist. A little accomplishment, a little stepping stone as an encouragement to keep creating. As you will see, my photo was taken at the Flower Festival in Christ Church last year. When I got home I asked one of my housemates to take photos in order to witness the process of me opening the wrapping, and I will share some of the photos here with you.

They wrote my surname incorrectly, but I will forgive them. It’s not every day you get this kind of ‘gift’.



Being happy as an ‘artist’.

Unwrapping and enjoying every moment of it!


Feeling grateful and proud.


What? You want more? There is no more, sorry.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 23rd May 2016)
Photos with me in them © Marie Walsh (edited by me).


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