Poetry speaks what other words are afraid to say

2016-05-15 18.20.26-2

Poetry does not only express beauty, it also expresses pain, dirt and shadows of life. It mines for whatever is beneath our skin, hidden deep in our hearts, even those things we at times want to deny, things we cannot or are afraid to express, poetry does not shy away from any of these. It expresses what other words are unable to say. It is skilled enough and brave enough to put into words whatever is most intimate, most inexpressible, most silent even.

Poetry gives voice to the voiceless parts of your soul. Years ago poetry helped me to put into words experiences too deep to be spoken about otherwise. I have poems that are not ready for the public until much later after they are written. They are like birds I keep in a garden before deciding to release them into the wild. One such poem is lingering near the edge of the garden, unsure if it should be released beyond known borders….or wait another while.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 19th May 2016)


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