Laughing at myself


Do you ever laugh at your own thought process? I hope at least some of you do, but even if I am alone in this, it’s pretty enjoyable altogether I must say. I would remember a conversation in my head, and then I’d add a funny twist to it, a bit of wit, and imagine how the conversation would continue. Normally I make myself laugh in the process, and if that is happening while I walk in town, it means I walk on my own, and I’m laughing. The whole imagining-thing takes merely a few seconds, but it can still be rather amusing.

Laughter is a great thing. It brings out the joy that we have stored inside, at times buried beneath concerns of life, neglected like diamonds that gather dust, whereas they were meant to shine. Let us seek places, people, situations that bring out the joy in us. Laughter restores the soul to its original intent – it restores the goodness that God put into your heart, and mine. I wish you a lot of laughter in the days to come, restoration of joy, lightness of life.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 7th May 2016)


A penny for your thoughts...

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