On the train…

…. to Belfast

I’m on the train to Belfast. The view is so beautiful. I left my camera at home, my phone is full so I cannot take photos, so I let go of the desire to ‘capture’ it and have allowed myself to simply enjoy the beauty. Honestly, Ireland is so beautiful. I forget how beautiful she is. And you know why she is beautiful? Because the Eyes filled with Love are gazing at her constantly. I forget that even more. Today I choose to be reminded. And as soon as I did the smile jumped up on my face. You know, if you are reading this, those eyes of Love don’t only rest on the beautiful coastline and green hills, they are gazing at you too, seeking you out. If you can, ‘connect’ with them; in them is our strength, our comfort, our all. Oh my, it really is beautiful…

On the way back

Did I say it was beautiful? Understatement. Sorry, since I can’t take photos, must write about it – can’t keep it in. On the train back now, in Drogheda the sun is splitting the sky, the river is glistering below as if someone lost a bag-full of pearls, and the neighbouring hills seem so restful. I’m going to take this train journey again – with my camera – I’m sure I gave up some ‘winning photos’ on this trip. But for now, grateful for my eyes, for sunshine, grateful to be able to see it all… Grateful indeed. Blowing an imaginary kiss (can’t really do it properly as people will see me), let it go wherever it will.

© Iva Beranek (14th April 2016)


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