The pearl of great price

Lights-Iva 4-12-2013

In the dark of the night we can see the light of many stars. Some life experiences, though not easy, bring such light inside our soul, if we are but alert in noticing it. Maybe at this very moment something is occupying your thoughts and you cannot fathom its beginning nor its end nor how it is supposed to shape your life.

Perhaps this experience you are going through, even if ‘a little’ unpleasant, even if you struggle with understanding all the ‘whys’ yet cannot find that many ‘because’, and even if you don’t fully understand yourself and how you are responding to what is going on in your life, perhaps, just perhaps there is something really good in it for you.

Maybe you are to learn some deeper truths about life. Maybe it gives you an opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Maybe it shapes you, forms you in such a way that no other experience could. Maybe this very experience, no matter what it is, has a treasure, a blessing, a pearl that it carries hidden in its depths just for you. So take courage, even if right at this very moment it is hard to see and know what this pearl might actually be.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 2012, edited in 2016)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


4 thoughts on “The pearl of great price

  1. This post and image reminds me of a real life event. I was traveling in a neighbor around Christmas. All the houses were lit. One house caught my attention. It was outlined with lights, and on top of the house was a cross. If I did not look close I would have missed the cross at the top of the house. The thought came to me, it was though I could hear a small voice say, this is how it is around Christmas. People are so busy preparing for Christmas with all the glitter, and trimmings, they do not look closely to see me or the reason for the season. They are busy going about their business to and fro. Only those that look closer or quiet themselves keep in perspective the true meaning and are better because of it.

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