Holy Saturday, a bridge towards Easter

One of the most overlooked days in the Christian story is Holy Saturday.


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“God works as much in darkness as He does in the light”

Rev. Ruth Patterson

I love Holy Saturday and I think it is one of the most overlooked days in our Christian story, and yet it has so much to offer for daily living. We probably spend a lot of our lives living through a Holy Saturday experience of sorts. Let me explain.

For most of us Holy Saturday became a day of expectance and anticipation of Easter glory, we don’t make as much effort to spend time with the silence of death, not just any death – a death of God. But the first Holy Saturday was a day when even God appeared to be silent. It was a day with no answers. Yes, Jesus was doing His deep redeeming work even in His death, but the disciples did not know that. For them, Saturday before Easter, as…

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