Novena to St. Patrick – Day 9

2015-03-17 10.56.47

Day 9: Becoming more, which we were always meant to be

St. Patrick is an example of what one can become when the Spirit of God takes over. Reflecting on Patrick’s life may help us recognise a potential in each of our lives, beyond what we may see at present. I am sure there are already pearls in each of our lives that we are grateful for, but there is also always more to discover when one journeys through life with God.

Patrick mirrored God’s love to the people of this island, and through the communion of saints he does so to this very day. Tomorrow the green colour will spread from Ireland all around the world; everyone will celebrate St Patrick’s Day! I wish they all knew what they are celebrating. We are celebrating that we are God’s beloved.

Whatever each of us chooses to do tomorrow on St. Patrick’s Day, let us try to be aware that Christ is in our midst, in the people we meet, in us whoever or wherever we are. And let us say to St. Patrick, “walk among us, holy man, come and celebrate with us Your Day”.

There are many inspiring stories of St. Patrick’s mission here in Ireland – I encourage you to read more about him, from his own writing “The Confession” or other sources.

Patrick’s mission, though not without opposition, has been very successful. He tells us: “Do not contribute to me in my ignorance the little I achieved or taught, which was pleasing to God. Rather let your conclusion and the general opinion be the real truth, that my success was the gift of God”.

Today we pray that if we should listen to His voice, let us harden not our hearts.

A thought for the day (from St. Patrick’s Breastplate): “Christ in every ear that hears me”.

And, Enjoy tomorrow!

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, March 2012)


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