Novena to St. Patrick – Day 8

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Day 8: Personal input and the relevance of St. Patrick for today

Saints are friends we have in heaven. St. Patrick and his story have been an inspiration to me, especially because Ireland played a crucial part in my journey of faith since my teenage years too. For Patrick Ireland played a decisive role in his relationship with God and his mission here on Earth. I believe it is similar with me, as I have been praying for this place from my early teenage years, shortly after my conversion. When I still lived in Croatia the Spirit was increasing my longing for this place I now call my home, even though it took me years to actually come and live here. Knowing there was someone greater than me who came to this place drawn by God provided comfort and stability.

In his “Confession” Patrick writes, “What return can I make to him for all his goodness to me? What can I say or what can I promise to my Lord, since any ability I have comes from him? (…) My only prayer to God is that it may never happen that I should leave his people, which he won for himself at the end of the earth. I ask God for perseverance, to grant that I remain a faithful witness to him for his own sake until my passing from this life”.

Reflecting on Patrick’s life may help us recognise a potential in the Church, and in ourselves, beyond what we see at present. Is there something about his life that particularly inspires you and is relevant for your life? I, for one, find his faith extremely compelling. I wish I had such strong and unwavering faith like he had.

Today we pray that we may rediscover the relevance of St. Patrick for today, and that we may have a renewed hope that God is still on our side, and better days are yet to come.

A thought for the day (from St. Patrick’s Breastplate): “Christ in every eye that sees me”.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, March 2012)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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