Beauty through the window

autumn leaves 2015

Little egrets are spread around the estuary, like freshwater pearls, river being their shell. They are white birds, whose presence is pure and innocent, as if all the cruelty of this world has not affected them.

Mist fell on the fields clothing them in a transparent garment of the early autumn. Before rains come, the sun claims its territory; it shines through the mist, reaching down the valleys with its light.

Like old soldiers, the clouds surrender, letting the sun break through. Suddenly, most vibrant colours of bright yellow, red and sometimes still green appear on the trees. Motionless, for there was no wind, the leaves stand as if proud that another year has gone by. The birds hide among the leaves until winter will make the trees bare and take the leaves away. However, that won’t happen just yet.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 2015)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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