Midnight baking

There is never a wrong time to bake. Perhaps afternoon or the morning might seem as ideal times, but on a few occasions I baked quite late in the day and enjoyed it as much, if not more. After everyone goes to sleep, after the night has clouded the streets with its dew, the kitchen lights are on, and in the quietness of the house I decided to take out a baking pan, puff pastry, apples, cheese, parma ham, few spices and oil. No, I did not put it all together. Apples and cheese would be a strange combination, though perhaps with a little imagination they might go well with a certain type of meat. Not this time. These were for two separate dishes, one savoury, the other sweet.

I had my apron on and started rolling out the pastry. One of my housemates was also in the kitchen, which provided good conversation and much needed fun.

I first made the savoury bites; cheese and parma ham rolled into small pockets of puff pastry, coated with egg and baked.
2015-10-15 23.43.26-2

Then I went onto the signature apple tart. One always has to add an ingredient or two to create real magic while baking; I did so and the result did not disappoint. Below is the process in images.

Puff pastry rolled and placed into a baking pan.
2015-10-15 23.43.42-3

For the filling I used apples, brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon.
I grated the apples, mixed all the ingredients together, and then spread it onto the pastry in the pan.

Almost ready to bake.
2015-10-15 23.55.45-2

After the final finishing touch, I placed it in the oven. When the clock ticked midnight, once ordinary puff pastry turned into a cake. Wonderful to look at, and delicious to taste. Bon appetite!
2015-10-16 00.26.44-2

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 16th October 2015)
Photos by © Iva Beranek


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