Where are you going?

2015-10-05 16.55.48-2

Where are you going stranger?
To which distant dreams does your breath aspire?
The road of your past
Became too narrow for your soul
The picture of familiar journeys
Has held you for a moment
Yet your heart felt a threat
Of being captured in a net
A cage-like home
Where you don’t belong

Where have you hidden
All your thoughts of freedom?
Do not let a dream that is still
Awake deep within you
To die of thirst
Or starvation
But feed it on hope that you can make that journey
And after a few brave steps
Your soul will follow its breath
Your heartbeats running like the fast train
To take you to a faraway land
Where you should have already gone

Why are your feet so doubtful
That beyond what you see lies horizon
Of incredible love, joy and hope?
Do not trust what you can grasp between fingers
Illusions have been sisters of despair
Rather let the echo of your soul
Be your guide

Look, the doors are open for you to go
The wings have spread
Out of your dreams
Making it easy for you to run
Or walk
Well even should you stumble and fall
Everything is helping you to go within
Grasp what is most true
And make a journey home

So where are you going stranger?
Let your feet decide to follow
Where your heart beckons.
Only weak souls can afford
To forget their dreams
And you are not the one

I wish you well and will
Always stand by your side
Unknown strength is buried in your core
Yet the decision is solely yours
Only you can truly make those steps
Walk out through your open door
All I can promise is that wonders will await,
Things you never knew of before

So, tell me, where are you going stranger?

© Iva Beranek
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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