Real dried mealworms – yummy?

2015-09-14 10.30.11-2

One of my housemates was in my room and she saw a teapot with a nicely decorated plate next to it, but then her face expression changed. It went from smiling to frozen in an instant as her eyes fell on the bag of ‘snacks’ on the little table next to the teapot. A description on the bag said, “Dried mealworms”. Yummy! Seeing what she noticed I said with a smile, “yeah, that’s my breakfast snack”. “They are real worms!”, she was shocked. “Yes, they are and they are for birds (duh!)”.

So no, you can relax, I don’t eat dried worms in my spare time, in-between writing and taking photographs. They were actually a gift. I’ll explain. Recently I wrote a story about my great aunt Ana and the story was read on RTE Radio 1, during the Programme Sunday Miscellany. My aunt loved birds, in fact so much so that they ate from her hands. Someone I know was listening to the story and was fascinated with my aunt and her connection to the birds, therefore he bought me food for birds to feed them myself! That was a really nice gesture. A bag of dried mealworms, for birds I should add, was among the goodies. Apparently robins really love them. I already feed the birds through a bird-feeder that is hanging on one of the trees in front of the house. All sorts of little birds come to it, finches, tits, robins. The bigger ones eat from the ground, as the other birds scatter the seeds. I still haven’t given them the worms because I want to be there to observe their reaction, and not just give them the treat and then leave.  So the bag is sitting in my room, near the teapot, creating a very wrong visual impression about some weird habits that thankfully I do not have.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 2015)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


3 thoughts on “Real dried mealworms – yummy?

  1. My son one got to participate in a class that taught the children about the various uses of insects – even their use as survival food. They all received buttons that read, “Official Member: I Ate a Bug Club” – and they did eat chocolate-covered freeze-dried grasshoppers. My survivalist husband was appalled that they they hadn’t made the children eat the bugs raw. He took all three children into the backyard to remedy the situation. The reports came in: grasshoppers are like rice crispies and black ants are like lemon drops. Yuck!

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