Baking magic…with the camera

2015-09-11 16.54.20-2

I went to the kitchen, took the ingredients for flapjacks and peanut-butter cookies and a camera. True, I have never seen a camera listed on recipes under ingredients, ‘3 eggs, 1 cup of all purpose flour, baking soda…and have your camera handy’. But I wanted to take photos as I bake. Sometimes a detail catches my eyes, I see things around me through a creative angle, and instead of hoping I had the camera with me, this time I was prepared and took it in advance.

The whole process of baking can be exciting, if we make sure to enjoy every step as we go along. I don’t think we need to ‘make an effort’ to enjoy baking, or any other activity that requires attention for that matter. Merely being present to what we are doing is going to produce enjoyment. More often than not, anyway.

And so I took some honey, melted it with butter.
2015-09-11 16.54.30-2

Mixed the ingredients for flapjacks (and later for peanut-butter cookies).
2015-09-11 17.12.02-2

And baked both.
2015-09-11 18.36.12-2 2015-09-11 18.36.42-2

Initially I thought flapjacks were too soft, much softer than usual. Then I let them sit for a while and they seemed too hard now (go figure), whereas an hour later they settled into the room temperature and were just fine. I don’t ever recall this process while making them before. The peanut-butter cookies were a very simple recipe, they looked great but I think I would have respected them more had they had fancier ingredients. I guess, it’s my fault, cause I baked them 🙂 The camera, however, did a good job. It spiced up the moments between preparation and the baking itself. I think I may introduce a new practice and create a new rule to start including the camera in the list of the ingredients. “For a complete pleasure, have your camera ready to capture the process”.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 15th September 2015)
Photos by © Iva Beranek


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