Treasures from the desert experiences

Beautiful, joy-filled days teach us gratitude. Yet there are also treasures to be found in the desert experiences; in them we find a hard-won light that runs deep within our hearts. The sentiment that difficult experiences produce is like walking on the edge of the unknown, so fear, doubt, self-examination and shadows are never too far to be found. These times build our character. They recreate our inner strength, unless they break us instead. Either way, they show us what we are made of and they indicate areas within our soul that need healing.

We see the best of the human spirit rising out of difficult situations, and sometimes we see the worst also. Because God’s grace is available to us, we can learn to find in negative memories beautiful pearls that were formed through the dust and pain of our lives. Yet, allowing Jesus to do His deep healing work within us requires courage.

Did you know that “only one in ten thousand freshwater mussels contains” a pearl? I don’t know why all of them don’t create a pearl as a protection from external irritation, but maybe some don’t have this capacity. If we allow Christ to enter our reality, He will put His coat of mercy over our lives. As mussels cover the dust with layer upon layer of nacre, making it into a pearl, Jesus covers our hearts with His everlasting love. Some people in our lives are as valuable as this rare jewel. You will know who they are. Treasure them.

[If you would like to listen to my voice speaking these words, go to RTE Radio 1 podcast for ‘A Living Word’ and download podcast from 11th September 2015]
© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 2015)
Photo from here.


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