Born to be a writer

Born to be a writer

Most of us can tell a difference between good and mediocre writing, even our own writing. If you are a writer you may notice that some of your writing is seasonal, that is to say that it corresponds to a particular season of your life. When that or similar seasons are over, it will seem to you as if someone else had written that particular piece. Sometimes I read one of my older poems or reflections and I can no longer identify with the sentiment I expressed in it. This writing may still speak to someone else, even if we have moved away from it.

On the other hand, there is writing that will always speak to me, no matter how long ago I (or someone else) had written it. This writing has something ‘eternal’ in it, a quality that does not fade. I can think of a few poems I have written that over the years of reading them have always echoed with the truth. I consider those poems and reflections to be a true gift.

In the end, for a writer the most important thing is to keep writing. Wondering whether a particular piece is seasonal or eternal should be an afterthought, and the most precise judge shall be the time.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 25th August 2015)
Photo from Freedom with Writing.


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