Refugee crisis


Your cries are silent
thousands of miles
away from my town
your screams for help
are lost in the distance
behind the barbed wire
far away in the South

I read the news about your
children, wives, friends
though I don’t know your name
my heart feels your pain
but all I can do
is pray

deep tears on your face
pierce into my soul
and yet what can I do
to help you live
I ask God to wipe
all the silent tears
from your heart
yet I know
this will take time

If we were born
in different lands
I could have been you
and you could have been
sitting peacefully here
writing this instead

my unknown friend,
I am sorry
I do not know
what to do,
can I somehow use
my freedom
to help you gain yours?
I cannot offer you a shelter,
my excuse is
I am too far away
so I welcome you
into my heart;
though I know
that’s not enough

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 22nd August 2015)
Photo from internet.


4 thoughts on “Refugee crisis

  1. We each do what we can and we place our hope in the “all powerful God, you are present in the whole universe and in the smallest of your creatures”, (Laudato Si)
    For my part I am supporting Agenda 2030 and the efforts of ADT Fourth World Ireland in promoting these Global Goals.
    There will be a gathering on 24th Sept to mark the opening of the UNGA to ratify these Goals and a further gathering on 17th Oct to mark UN International End Poverty day.
    Please add these to your blog and get your local politician to lobby for social justice rather than economics
    “Action and Contemplation” R. Rohr
    #post2015 #endpoverty #globalgoals

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