Walking on the edge of the unknown

2015-07-04 17.22.02-2

Some things one needs to live first, before they can be put into words. It is like savouring life in its depths, and becoming quite familiar with the taste of each life experience. Then there comes a time when words help us express what we have already been trying to say with our whole life. What are the ways in which you articulate your own journey? I used to be quite diligent in writing reflections that captured whatever was going on with me at a certain time. Sometimes I still do. Also the poems have been a testament to each deep moment of recognition. They captured my depths with a preciseness of an interior camera, as if my soul decided to put experiences into images and call it poetry.

Beautiful, joy-filled days teach us gratitude. Yet there are also treasures to be found in desert experiences, a hard-won light that runs deep, though often the sentiment they produce is like walking on the edge of the unknown, so the fear, doubt, self-examination and shadows are never too far away to be found. These times build our character. They recreate our inner strength, unless they break us instead. Either way, they show us what we are made of. Paradoxically, this hard-won light, these treasures that shine out of darkness, may help us recognise some of our illusions too – attitudes and ideas about our life that need to drop in order for us to enter more into the fullness of life.

As Rabia said, “Have wings that feared ever touched the Sun? I was born when all I once feared – I could love”.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 11th August 2015, edited an old reflection from 2010)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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