Summer, a time to focus on the essential

Nin 2015

Every season has its wisdom to offer and every season invites us on a unique path in our lives. I often reflected on the wisdom of spring, autumn and winter, but summer somehow escaped from the regular focus of my pondering.

Summer, what is your essence, what is your character, what is the contribution you offer on a life’s journey?

The answer could be different from year to year, yet today in this moment in time I think summer’s wisdom is to help us focus on the essential. If we live in the part of the world where we can travel freely and are not thorn by war, most of us think of the summer as a time to rest, to recuperate, time to go on a holiday. This summer, partly intentionally partly not intentionally I took a break from the buzz of social sites by reducing my online presence to mere minimum. I also took a break from the regularity of writing and posting on the blog. Sometimes when we do that, we come back to it refreshed. Yet this break, a change of focus, is not necessarily a means in itself. While this action provides a deeper kind of rest, it also invites us to focus on the essential. In this way whatever is our priority at this stage of life can be invited to come to the surface, because we have removed some of the clutter that may otherwise numb and silence our inner voice throughout the year.

Summer is a time to focus on the essential. What is life, or in other words God, asking of you at this time? Use the wisdom of summer to help you discern and may your walk on this earth be renewed, its focus sharpened as you will re-enter into the ordinariness of life after the summer.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 10th August 2015)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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