Don’t let go of your past too soon


People say ‘let go of the past and move on’ – perhaps there is some wisdom in it, but we need to do a lot of journeying before we can actually ‘let go’ (especially if by ‘past’ we mean something painful that happened to us). I would rather say: Integrate the past into who you are, into who you are becoming or who you have become, learn from it. The past is not something ‘fictional’ out there outside of us – we carry it in ourselves, in our memories, in our bodies, in our souls – so dig in, and let the grace of God, and your own ability to create help you to learn and grow from whatever life ‘gifted’ and ‘wounded’ you with. We can transform our experiences, or rather God’s presence can, by making it into a well of wisdom out of which we will draw treasures – for today, and for eternity. Look at Jesus for example: in Resurrection we see marks from the Good Friday on His body, His past is still with Him, but it has been healed and transformed – so that in return it can heal and transform others. Don’t let go of your past too quickly – there are treasures you maybe would have missed unaware; out of a dust a pearl is created, out of the ashes beauty can be born. Out of the wounds of the past, beautiful flowers can grow… And their fragrance perhaps is needed to heal further, to transform.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 2012)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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