Welcome to the Fairytale. Dublin Garden Festival

Yesterday I went to the Dublin Garden Festival in Christ Church Cathedral. I missed it last year, so all I knew about it was that it would be beautiful. Quite an understatement, is was stunning. I was in the Irish Writers Centre earlier in the morning and then after lunchtime headed towards the Cathedral. I took a shortcut through the Temple Bar, mostly to avoid the crowds. The town was beaming with people.

Outside the Cathedral it was quite lively too.
2015-06-20 14.08.56-2

But nothing prepared me for what I would find inside.
2015-06-20 14.14.31-22015-06-20 14.18.19-2

I took around 300 photos during the visit. Later I edited around 50 of them. I would like to show you a selection. Are you ready for a photo tour around the Fairyland? In the Fairyland many stories meet, some beautiful and inspiring, some heartbreaking, though soothed with the gentle presence of the flowers. Perhaps as we walk through the garden, you and I, we might remember that imagination is one of the greatest gifts we as human beings possess. And garden was in fact originally a meeting place with God.

As we enter immediately one can rest.
This is our ticket to the Fairyland; leave your worries here and come follow me.
2015-06-20 14.15.56-1

Notice beautiful details all around you. An orchid hanging from its own flower-bed.
2015-06-20 14.17.46-22015-06-20 14.18.17-2

Further down a secret garden hides another tale.
2015-06-20 14.21.25-22015-06-20 14.21.58-2

Can you notice magic fill the air?
2015-06-20 14.19.30-2

As we walk deeper into the Cathedral, we are also invited to pray.
2015-06-20 14.24.49-22015-06-20 14.26.30-2

The journey leads us to Our Lady’s Chapel where every week the Eucharist with prayers for healing is held. This is a heartbreaking part, for here we can sign the book of condolences for the young Irish people who tragically died in California.
2015-06-20 14.27.19-22015-06-20 14.27.37-2

Aware that we are on the holy ground we walk further to another beautiful fairytale.
2015-06-20 14.32.35-22015-06-20 14.34.22-2

Where shall we go now?

Oh look, a butterfly!
2015-06-20 14.37.49-2

And more beauty along the way.
2015-06-20 14.42.03-22015-06-20 14.43.41-2

2015-06-20 14.43.49-22015-06-20 14.44.58-2

2015-06-20 14.47.01-2

Let’s go over there.
2015-06-20 14.47.10-2

More magic in the air.
2015-06-20 14.47.53-22015-06-20 14.48.00-2

Did you enjoy this? Now let us venture further into the world beyond tales noticing beauty, flowers, stories that only our hearts can tell. Appreciating little things in life makes it all worthwhile.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 21st June 2015)
Photos by © Iva Beranek (apart from the one where I am in it)
(See Photo challenge)


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