Humble abode

2015-05-22 09.35.56-2-drop

There is a little humble abode
sheltered within
called your heart,
there God hid his treasures
long before the creation
was formed out of his gentle

You and I lived
in the depths of
God’s love from before the
time began
He cradled you,
and me,
throughout the centuries
perfecting the essence
of our very being
until we were so moulded
in his thought
loved from age to age
that He knew the day had come
to grace the world
with our breath
our cry
the beauty coming from our eyes
and to the world we came,
you and I

Years after our birth,
I sit in my room,
you in yours now,
revealing the mysteries
of God with our very existence
unique yet connected
borne out of the same
gracious heart of God;
each humble abode
cherishing treasures
that even poetry cannot
sufficiently glorify

Look within,
where God planted his love;
whether you find fertile valleys
or arid deserts inside your heart,
the spring of eternity flows there
overflowing into your hands,
and mine,
inviting us to create
to bring beauty to life
each day,
and return love for love

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, May 2015)

Photo by © Iva Beranek


2 thoughts on “Humble abode

  1. Thank you for following my blog — and so nice to meet you this morning over my second cup of coffee!
    I’ve been reading your blog — About and several entries. Love what you say about poetry. I am so new to writing poetry (just started in February) and find that it is a wondrous thing to put my pen to paper….to journal ideas each morning…then to “prune” and “add” and read aloud, until I’m happy with the words. Someone called me a “stitcher of words” 🙂 I’ve definitely always believed in the power of the word (check out my About if you’ve not done that yet).
    I especially like the overall idea of this poem, and the last stanza. The overall idea that God’s creation of an individual takes years – years of love and years of making. Whether or not someone believes in God, I think this idea of an individual’s creation taking time would be appreciated. Certainly, as a woman, nurturing each of my two children within the womb for 9 months can give me that perspective of timely love before a birth.
    The last stanza is quite poignant for me…..that no matter the type of person we are, “the spring of eternity flows there
    overflowing into your hands,
    and mine,
    inviting us to create
    to bring beauty to life
    each day,
    and return love for love”
    this is beautiful. I’m reminded of that famous line “Love springs eternal in the human breast.” 🙂
    So thank you, for this fine reading this morning. Rainy here in Boston — you’ve brought some sunshine into the room! 🙂

    • I am just finishing my second coffee today and thought to answer to your lovely message. Nice to meet you as well! Thank you for your words and I am glad this poem spoke to you. You are only writing poems since February and you have already written so much? Very good. Poetry provides a great tool for expressing creatively. I hope you will be a frequent visitor here and I’ll talk to you again over another poem soon 🙂

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