Fish with cinnamon

2015-05-20 21.49.38-1

If you ever see this on the menu, it will be attributed to me. And if it isn’t, let me know. I was coming home the other day after work. It was late afternoon. It is hard to tell when the afternoon actually turns into the evening in summertime. Here in Ireland days are significantly longer in May, so what would be called ‘evening’ in winter and what would be rather dark, now is still bright, till quite late in the day in fact. Anyhow, I was coming home and I was looking forward to using our new cooker that was supposed to arrive during the day.

When you get used to baking and cooking, you miss it when you can’t do it. I did. In the last week while I was able to cook, I wasn’t able to bake, because our oven wasn’t working. In a way even the experience of cooking (and eating) wasn’t quite complete without being able to bake bread, or pizza, or a dessert. That evening (OK, I called it evening now) I came home all excited that with the new cooker I can bake again. And the new guy looks fantastic! (I know calling it ‘a guy’ is a bit of a stretch, but whatever, it’s late and it’s a long way till the morning coffee, so indulge me.) Anyway, I came home and while I put a dessert into the oven, I went to prepare fish for dinner. Being all excited with the ‘new machine’ in the house, I took vegetables, few other ingredients, spices, and then sprinkled cinnamon on the fish. Ouch! It looked just like paprika. It’s just, it wasn’t paprika. In a split second I thought to myself, “this looks strange”. Yep, it did. Cinnamon on the fish is strange. I covered it up with other spices, and the original one that was intended to be used, and in the end it tasted just fine. (It did, I’m not lying.) Strange, but fine. Then, I baked bread. Thankfully, nothing unusual happened in the process. And today I baked scones. This time I sprinkled cinnamon over them on purpose! Now I look forward to breakfast, and some coffee would be good with it too.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 20th May 2015)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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