The Blog Awards


Sounds almost like the Britt Awards, but these are better. Why? Because any award you are nominated for is better than the one you are not nominated for. I’m just joking, of course. Well, here on WordPress I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Lenee Cobb and for the Creativity Award by Finkelstein & sons, which I really appreciate – thank you both! So far April was my best month since I started this blog, so these acknowledgments almost come like the icing on the cake.

The Versatile Award Nomination is passed on from a blogger to another blogger. If you are nominated it also means you got the award; the blogger who nominated you gave you the award. I presume it’s the same with the Creativity Award. As in any game, these awards have rules. And the rules are:

1. Provide the link and name of the blogger who nominated you – and thank them.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate any number of fellow bloggers, adding a link to their blog.
4. Share these rules with them.
5. Go and make yourself some coffee and/or write a nice letter to someone.

Now imagine that you are looking forward to a night out. You had to walk through the crowd to reach a fancy building where the event you are attending is taking place. You are going to a very important show in the National Theatre and you are all puffed up. You look a million dollars, and others around you do too. There are many million-dollars-looking-people. Your heart is thumping, you are very excited. As you reach the building you can tell it says ‘The Awards’ on it. This is your first time ever taking part in the Blog Awards and you can’t wait for them to begin. You walk into the building and the red carpet is below your feet. The red carpet! It feels very soft as you tread on it, almost like it helps you to walk with a more sophisticated posture than usual. Even though you are only a visitor, you feel like a star. You enter the big hall, chandeliers are glistering with bright light. Curtains are closed. You find your seat and soon the music announces the beginning of the show. The light gets dim, with one pointing reflector resting on the stage; waiting. Your heart beats so loudly that you are afraid everyone can hear it. The curtain opens. And I come out to tell you 7 facts about my life.

1. I couldn’t just write 7 facts, without an introduction. After all the numbers above, I needed a story to lead us into…more numbers. So the first fact is that I like to approach life and do things in a creative way.

2. I love the ‘power’ you have when you have a microphone. On a few occasions I was a master of ceremonies during different conferences and it was not uncommon for me to get the audience do something unexpected. For instance, once I told them to get up so that I can teach them Irish dancing. (I had no idea how to dance the Irish dance, but they didn’t know that!) I showed them a few moves (it looked silly, but they all followed) and after a few moments I told them I was only messing. We all laughed. By the way, you don’t need a microphone to do something like that. You see the 5th rule above? I made it up. Yes, now. Today, as I was writing this. Don’t get all upset! I got the Creativity Award, after all. Anyway, who of you would refuse a lovely offer of coffee. Plus it’s always good to write a nice letter.

3. This leads me to the next fact: I love writing letters. Yes, hand-written ones.

4. OK, I like writing in general. But you probably already know that. Why write a blog if one doesn’t like writing? Wouldn’t make sense, would it?

5. I once had a ‘bird-friend’, a little black face zebra finch whom I called “Croi’ (read ‘kree:’). Croi means ‘heart’ in Irish, and he was truly a little sweetheart. During the night I needed to leave curtains slightly open as otherwise he couldn’t fall asleep if it was too dark. In the morning he started chirping with the first traces of sunlight. If I pulled the curtains to make the room seem darker again, he would quieten down for a little bit. Occasionally I would hear him chirp at around 6 or 7am and told him, kindly, “Croi, please, another thirty minutes of silence and then you can chirp, ok?”, and he got quiet. Did he understand? At that time I was a student so I would spend a lot of time in the room, working on my thesis, with him chirping. Often in the late afternoon he got silent and would doze off slowly for a few minutes. It was so cute to watch but I had to be careful not to laugh as that would scare him and wake him up. He was adorable! I still miss him at times. So another fact about me is: I love birds, especially the little ones.

6. In the last while I have developed a love for cooking and baking and I enjoy trying out new things. One of my housemates suggested I might end up having a shop called ‘Iva’s bakery’. Though I do like the sound of it, so far I prefer doing it for private purposes.

7. I believe that dreams can come true. Often dreams are like precious seeds that were buried deep in the ground for a long time. We may long for them to burst into a flower and come out into the light, but they take their time. Perhaps some dreams will remain seeds, they won’ grow, but a few, the most special ones, will test you to see if you are really serious about them. If you have stood the test and proved worthy of their blossoming they will flourish within your heart and soul, within your life. I believe those seeds, those dreams are planted by God.

Now you can imagine me bow down, thanking you for listening to me share some things about my life. The light changes on the stage. The beautiful array of colours creates a wonderful illusion that we are out at a garden tea party, in some royal castle, perhaps in England. The music starts to play, softly at first, with its celebratory sound as if announcing something exciting. Suddenly an envelope is mysteriously thrown at my feet. It has a golden glow. “The new blog awards!” I open the envelope and announce the bloggers that have won the price this time. My nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Fimnora at Quantum Hermit – I love your writing, keep it coming!
2. Eleanore’s Ramblings… – a pleasure of doing Writing 101 with you.
3. Finkelstein & sons – I love your 7 facts about being a mum!

And my nominees for the Creativity Award are:
1. Nora Barghati – Nora does great things with words.
2. Lenee Cobb – I love the photo on the top!

So that’s all folks. Thanks for reading. See you another time!

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 12th May 2015)


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