The Aroma. A Dialogue

2015-03-08 18.31.14-3

I overheard her quoting Blaise Pascal* to him:

“I have reasons that you simply cannot understand.”
“Try me.”
“I love him.” She said quite firmly.
“Phew. He’s an idiot. And you know it.”
“I told you, you wouldn’t understand.”
“What’s that smell?!” He uttered with astonishment.
“How can you tell there is a smell?”
“How couldn’t I, I control everything here.”
“Well, that’s your problem. Control. If you loosened up on that one, you’d enjoy life a bit more.”
“What’s that smell? It’s intoxicatingly…good.” He appeared almost enchanted, allured.
“That’s the fragrance of my love for him.”


They stood there enjoying the flower-like incense that spread from around her. And even though I was just an onlooker I think he understood.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 14th April 2015)
Photo by © Iva Beranek

* “Le coeur a ses raisons que le raison ne connaît point.” (Blaise Pascal)


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