The wrong postbox


This morning I found a letter in my postbox, entitled to someone with a name similar to mine. Initially I thought maybe someone made a mistake, spelled my name wrong, but no. The content was utterly unfamiliar, though quite intriguing. I never read other people’s private correspondence; today I made an exception.

Strangely, something about the letter, the way the words were composed, the texture of the paper, markings on the envelope, appeared as if it was written a couple of centuries ago, even though the date imprinted on its pages was Wednesday last week.

Virginia Browning, was the person who signed it. She wrote to a man, another very strange thing as the recipient’s address had a female name on it. Was she hiding a secret love? I know I should have been more concerned for the man in question to receive the letter, but all I wanted was to read, to know more.

Then I heard a doorbell ring.

A man, a gentleman that is, was standing on my doorstep. With another letter in his hands.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, April 2015)
Photo by Margie Strange Photography.


15 thoughts on “The wrong postbox

  1. Oh! I like it! It’s short and sweet. I am a little confused on the last sentence in the second paragraph, “even though it was dated to the last week.” Something funny about this part part. But overall I love it! and the hook at the end is great! Makes me want to read more!

    • English is not my first language, even though that’s often not noticeable. I was wondering how to phrase this part. What I mean is that the date on the letter wasn’t from a few centuries ago, it was recent. Thanks for reading!

      • Yes. let me think… mhmh. “appeared as if it was written a couple of centuries ago, although it was dated from last week.” or “however, it was with last weeks date”.
        Play with the wording and it will work out. It’s just two words that need touching. 🙂
        Hope this helps!

  2. Well, I thought it appeared like it had been written a couple of centuries ago and the “gentleman” at the door was also from a couple centuries ago. Letters crossing in time sort of thing and then there’s a real person from long ago standing at your door. There you are for folks reading it in very different ways. 🙂

  3. That’s good! I like that. Who knows, I might continue the story in the next few days and we’ll see who the gentleman is and whether he came from another century. I think stories have a life of their own and have secrets to reveal – I’m quite curious myself as to what this one would reveal while being written 🙂

  4. How intriguing! I’d love to hear where it goes from the last thought above.
    Did you ever see a movie called, “The Lake House?” A very charming story about two people writing to each other across two years.

      • Wonderful! And that’s how I feel about writing stories too. I never know where it will lead. It’s such an interesting process. The words come out and that’s a surprise for me what ends up happening. I remember that I began writing when I was younger, because I wasn’t getting to read what I wanted to see in books. It occurs to me just now, the reason why I write is just as much an adventure in reading for me as it is writing.

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