The song of a distant dream

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Had I been asked to write about books, or films, or people, I would be able to choose three of them and write how they inspired me. But songs? Everything is a song, from the poetry I write, to the rhythm of my breath, to dreams that I dream, to birds in their flight, to watching little flowers pop-up out of little buds, to watching a child cry, to a memory of love. Everything either is, or has a song; even a silent one.

Today was such a beautiful day. Spring in the air reminded me of springs in Croatia, not of any particular memory but rather a sentiment, a smooth gentle joy that welcomes the air in all its fresh lightness. The air was light. There was nothing heavy about it, as if it was flowing on some imaginary cloud, resting the way swimmers rest on their back, floating, allowing the water to carry them. Even seasons have songs, and I love the song of spring.

Did you know that silence in music is as important as the tones it creates? The silences make the music richer, pauses are as important as crescendos. The silence of winter brings the spring song to life. Similarly, within the silence of our hearts, yours and mine, a song hides; a song of a distant dream that only our soul silently knows how to sing. I say silently for the soul will sing this song amidst the noise of our everyday reality, with thoughts buzzing in our head, and worries cluttering our mind. It will take time for our ears to get accustomed to it. This song will rise gently at times, violently at others, from within the deepest parts of our inner being and sing to us of our longings. I simply call it the Song of longing. Mine is mostly heard through poetry, for poetry is a song that our hearts create before we can put it into words.

I have to tell you something quite important: the songs of longing that our hearts sing cannot live too long on their own. For if we allow our souls to sing to us about longing day after day for months on end, our hearts will become heavy, filled with sadness and yes, the longing will deepen, and we will feel something lacking in the core of our being. Something substantial, something our souls will need in order for life to burst from within them.

The song of longing is generally accompanied with the Song of hope, short name for it merely being ‘Alleluia’. This song is like the air that a new plant will need for its growth, sunshine for its nurture, rain for its food. All the empty spaces inside our hearts that don’t like to be empty when filled with this song are quite content. This song is used to silence, for silence is its Mother, but it is also used to crescendo, for crescendo is its birth. A longing cannot live long without hope, and hope needs longing to provide richer meaning for its existence. Your heart, and mine, know both of these songs. When our mouth learns it, when our hands allow these songs to flow from within them, our life will become poetry.

But what about the third song? The song of a distant dream wants to be sung in reality, not merely through a longing that hopes to be fulfilled. This is the most serious of the three songs, for it is strongly rooted in love.

I will sing to you of longing
whose waters run
in the depths of my soul
they murmur like flowers
before they open their petals
in the dawn

I will sing to you of hope
for this longing to be fulfilled
for within every heart
there is a hidden

I will sing to you a song
of a distant dream
my love, this song hides
within your heart
ever though its lyrics
are written inside mine
this is a song I cannot sing
on my own
but only your heart and mine
will sing it
in the dawn of our

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 8th April 2015)
Photo by © Iva Beranek


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