Behind the locked door

2014-12-22 14.27.37

There is a dream
you keep
behind the locked door
of fear and uncertainty

with trembling you
put away the key
away from your memory,
telling yourself
the door
is locked for good
the other side
like a star on the sky
outside of you reach
so you live your life
unwilling to look that way
yet in your heart
there is an ache
a longing
the dream lives
like a seed
behind the shut door
perhaps in the shade of your
it has even grown

there is a tenderness inside
that you so skilfully hide
it knocks from within
your soul
asking to let it go
release the key into the
and allow yourself to
breathe new life
into that hidden area
of your heart

there is a dream you
in your waking moments
unconscious reveries;
but what if
on the Easter morn
the light of hope
like a key went through
and opened your door wide
so that your dream can no longer hide?

What if that light
released its strength and the seed
started growing
reaching towards the air?

The door no longer locked,
your fear defeated
laying on the ground
would you nurture the seed
or rush to wake the sleeping fear
telling it to lock the door again?

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 6th April 2015)


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