Hands like branches, fall

2015-03-13 19.14.19-2

My hands are going to fall
out of my body
for the pain has flown
from my heart
into the hilltops of
my fingertips
and instead of enabling them
to bless the world
with understanding, kindness,
and love,
it weakened them
so my hands became heavy, dry
like branches of an ancient tree
that has not felt juices of
for centuries

my heart beat steadily
in the rhythm of the falling leaves
even though it was
it nearly withered
with sighs of despair
but it would not let go of life
that ran in its veins
like an ancient oak-tree
it kept a healthy core
even if its branches
were heavy
with winter
once more

my eyes were fixed on
they saved me from decay
with gentle gaze they
thought the heart
that love sleeps in
its breast,
beauty filled my heart
with sounds of gratitude
so the hands took strength
from within my soul
and decided to allow spring
to slowly blossom
inside their touch
once more

my eyes did not look back
nor forward
but rather inward and
the stream of beauty
like a river
has flown into them
and my soul is alive

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, March 2015)
Photo by © Iva Beranek.


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