If you find my home


I left my home behind
in the room of memories
where dreams sometimes hide,
I left all I knew
in a suitcase
packed in a room
locked all the goodbye’s
and went into the world
to search for new
but I found none
that satisfied my heart

A room where dreams
are born
is but a humble abode
of teenage tears and hopes
that spring from deep
within my heart,
out of the seeds
that germinated in my soul
from before I was born

They guided me
like a lamp from
within my soul
but then the oil of my heart
would burn no more
My soul was ablaze
with longing
with pain
but it produced no fire
to light my way

In the desert of my longings
one dream flourished
impossible though it seemed,
but it birthed another
deeper dream
whose seeds were planted
even further within;
the first was a true home
but this other
is where my heart belongs

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, January-March 2015)


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