Strings of violin inside your heart, that’s what poetry is about

april flowers with my poetry quote-copyrighted

Poetry is the strings of violin played inside your soul, droplets of soft rain gathered on the petals of the flowers that have grown inside your heart. It is the fragrance that your soul releases in its dance. You may give it air, expression in your words, but in actual fact poetry is more than that, it is the way you look at the world, it is how you live your life.

Poetry can quite ‘happily’ take on all and every emotion, from despair to utter delight, and frame it in lines that only deep sighs of a soul can describe. Poetry is mining for treasures that are stored within and then releasing them into the air, like a bird that was set free from a cage into the flight.

I love the process of writing a poem, because I love the surprise that comes with it; especially when a poem almost writes itself (not all of them do). You observe as you create and then ponder at what you were given. Those of you who write will know that those kinds of poems are not only gifts to others, they are a gift to you who wrote it, too.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin 19th-29th September 2014)
Photo and a quote by © Iva Beranek


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