Dreams-come-true are like a flower in full bloom

Yellow rose by Iva B.
Dreams make a tapestry of our soul, where walls and chambers of our inner dwelling smell like a flowery garden filled with joy. Sometimes dreams take a long time to form. Coming from a seed of longing they grow slowly into their full grandeur. At times they die many times before they are finally born. One of my dreams has come true, over the years it has blossomed and grown. I am living it and yet sometimes it seems like it has lost its magic; the allure it used to have inspiring my daily living dried out and a new dream started to knock like a woodpecker within my heart.

Maybe the same happens with a flower when from a seed it blossoms, maybe it cannot sense its fragrance and delight when it no longer has to fight to be what it was supposed to be, but it instead just ‘is’. Maybe similarly it is for others now to enjoy the fruits of that dream, like they would enjoy the flower in full bloom, I myself will occasionally get its fragrance that guided me through the years, and it will mix with the scent of a new dream that will in its own time come to be.

If you’ve ever looked after a flower you would know it is beautiful in every stage of its growth, so it is with dreams. They are a fuel for our soul to reach its potential, to grow, expand, and for us to enjoy the fullness of life.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 2nd October 2014)
Photo by © Iva B.


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