The Night

Night dance in the field-woman
The night has fallen
like an evening dew from the sky
yet inside my soul
it seems even more dark
but a soft whisper tells me
at the core of your soul
there is

I dig in deep into my soul
to offer this darkness to God
a weak offering
based on trust
reminding Him of that first
beginning before the beginning
where into the darkness
He brought light

Why is it that you give emptiness as a gift
to those friends you draw near?

I cried almost in despair
Not knowing if this night
within me is solely mine
or it’s a shared condition of the humankind
Yet I took it out from my heart
like gold from a gold mine
asking God to transform it into light
and fill this vast emptiness with
His love

Like a leaf then I fell
asleep in His arms
An autumn leaf falls from the tree
but reverse happened to me
I found a source of life
a home in which to rest
a shelter of peace
a spring in which all the darkness of this night
flows like a river of diamonds through
your heart
whispering again that in your depths
there is light

© Iva Beranek (Enniskillen-Dublin, 25th-29th September 2014)
Photo from Internet.


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