Be compassionate towards your own journey of life

Irish landscape-by Iva B.
Sometimes we realise that the ‘why’ we are given is not necessarily a ‘why’ we were looking for, as if all along we were asking the wrong question.

Perhaps it was because of the treasures on this road that we were led on this path…you on yours, me on mine. Some of those treasures we otherwise would not notice, had we not gone this way. Perhaps God knew that only this way we would learn what we needed to learn, that the most important inner things will surface so He can attend to them.

God has no access to what is hidden beyond our awareness, He can work on it silently without our knowing it alright, but because He so respects our free will, when hidden inner workings of our soul do surface into our awareness, God (and us too) can deal with them more effectively.

Be compassionate towards your own journey of life. Who knows, maybe God led you, and me, ..or if not led then allowed us to come this way knowing He would be there too; His footsteps have gone before us so that His grace was with us every moment of our live’s journey, even when we thought Him distant. On another path that maybe would be easier and ‘smoother’, we would be left to our own devices whereas here we have had His presence and support.

If we were seeking Him throughout our life, He was seeking us too even more, by being with us until we noticed that His hands are supporting us, His feet making our path filled with His presence, as if we are stepping onto the footsteps where He already walked. Our path was filled with love, for that is what His presence is all about.

When we ask ‘why’ about certain things in life (not all, but some) I am increasingly aware that God’s answer may be different than what we would be expecting, as if it is coming from a different, fuller view point. What for us is a cause of sadness, for Him may be a means to lead us into joy. I personally don’t really like this pattern. But one of the days that resonates with this is Holy Saturday as a day that embraced these two ‘paradoxical’ realities – human reality of pain and shattered hopes, and God’s reality of working out His promises in the hiddenness of our hearts. Because in His goodness He knows where this all would lead, we on the other hand don’t, at least not yet.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 22nd September 2014)
Photo by © Iva B.


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