Crossing a threshold of your life….

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It is amazing how there comes a time when things.. dreams, desires that have guided your life for years, that have formulated your very reason for existence no longer demand you to speak about them as much. Not that they have become unimportant, no. They have become so integrated inside you that they are you, and just by your very life they find expression, no longer asking that you explicitly point them out.

It may appear that they no longer burn you from within, but instead their fire has spread all over your being, from the centre of your heart into your hands, your feet, the pit of your stomach, your eyes, even your very hair is permeated with what has guided your life until now. You no longer have to speak about it, at times you don’t even think about it. You just live your life. You have become one with those ‘old motivations’ of your heart and now another fire, a new one is freshly starting to burn inside you, intensely, asking you to pay attention. Now this new fire is asking for expression.

Perhaps this means that you have crossed a threshold of your own life… Those are the moments when you no longer need to justify the deep motivations of your heart, the guiding elements that make you who you are – no one will ever know and understand them completely anyway, not even yourself. But God who has given you these will look upon you and smile. Now is the time to simply live your life…

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 29th August 2014)
Photo by © Iva B.


One thought on “Crossing a threshold of your life….

  1. I have heard thresholds described as liminal spaces or sacred places. In the Celtic tradition they are called caol àit (thin places).
    But all these descriptions limit the transformative nature of a threshold by giving the impression of a space/ time experience rather than a experience of being.
    I prefer the experience described by Denise Levertov in The Avowal:
    As swimmers dare 
    to lie face to the sky 
    and water bears them, 
    as hawks rest upon air 
    and air sustains them, 
    so would I learn to attain 
    freefall, and float 
    into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace, 
    knowing no effort earns 
    that all-surrounding grace.

    The movement described is beyond our feeble efforts. We are transformed in these threshold moments by grace freely given in love. All we need do is receive.

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