Don’t wait for the white roses

synergy-man and a woman

A fragrance of a distant memory
came with the breeze from the south
making me grateful for being alive
Awoken to this present moment
I noticed beauty blossoming in the fields of life
a gentle smile spread all over my face
even my soul smiled
for the Beloved is resting
deep within my heart

Far away in the chambers of my heart
Beloved sleeps near the walls of the past
I sense his dreams
rising like the scent of the flower
from within my soul
his dreams make the texture of my heart
tender, calm
as if he slept in my arms

Deep in the garden of my heart
seeds of a unique flower
are put to rest
until the time comes for them to awake
They will grow in the far ends of the soul
where no man had courage to go
but until then they have to sleep
like Love sleeps in the
Song of Songs

I heard a Voice from within me utter
a loving song that sounded like a rhyme:
Don’t wait for the white roses
to bloom within your heart,

the Voice said
just live your life.
When the white roses will bloom
it will be out of a symphony of the
two hearts
that have been awoken to

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 3rd August 2014)


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