Each day is a lifetime

home on the heart - tattoo

I’m sitting in front of a blank page thinking how I’d like to write something, but no particular thought is coming to me as an inspiration, as a beginning of a thread that would lead somewhere in order to tell you a story. And I am quite content with that. Honestly, sometimes it is really good just to be, to pause for a moment from pondering, reflecting on life, from processing your deep inner thoughts, if you have some (joking), and let your soul take a deep breath, calm enter your body, feel your lungs fill with air, still yourself, allow yourself just to be.

Now, look around yourself, notice something beautiful. Inside or outside of yourself. See, isn’t life immediately more pleasant when we slow down, as if a new dimension emerges from within us, like a refreshing stream bursting out to quench our deep inner thirst, to feed us with goodness, with love.

There is a well inside your heart where treasures are hidden; in the depths of your inner being there lies beauty that perhaps even you are not aware of, this beauty is who you really are. Reach out for it and you will find pearls that your soul produced throughout the years. Maybe these pearls came out of pain, they often do. Can you notice at least a few? One way of discovering them is by going within and writing about what you find there. This is a place out of which I write poetry, from this inner well that is filled with love and with deepest longings. Inside our hearts is a key to unlocking what is deepest in us. It is up to us to use this key, and to use it well.

You can also choose to forget this key and the well hidden within your heart, in order to live your life on the surface, but then you will not live your life in all its fullness. The truest you will then be neglected, though it will be calling you, in your desires, in your dreams and longings, until you respond.

It is a beautiful evening here, calm, with sunshine gently covering the fields and giving nice green shade to the trees. The mountain in the background always reminds me of a wizard resting, he is always asleep, he never wakes. Looking at the mountain this way makes me feel as if I know it, as if the mountain is a friend. Well, in a way it is, because its familiarity reminds me that this beautiful place is my home. Beauty, whether in nature or inner beauty, lifts our spirits. Beauty, together with love, is truly what gives meaning to life.

Few hours later the night fell and covered the city. Now I can see lights of the faraway houses lit in the dark. I stop as I write, to ponder, remember. I smile at a thought that comes to mind. It is so quiet here, I hear the clock ticking, and I remember how every day is not only a day, it is a lifetime.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 14th-15th July 2014)
Photo from internet.



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