Morning ponderings on life in peace… and the lack of it

Sunset-rises by Iva B.

Sometimes I think I could write a few books just from the thoughts that come to me in the morning hours, walking through the town, observing, remembering or pondering about the world, people living in different places, the same Earth and yet the reality of each country’s circumstances often makes our lives world-apart.

Dublin is a pretty pleasant place to live, for me it is. People are friendly, streets are vibrant and beautiful, while parks, flowers, trees  and the sea help you relax amidst the busyness of life. Sure, Dublin has its problems, every city does, but at least we live in peace.

The other day as I was looking through the kitchen window, beautiful scenery spread itself in front of the house, fields, richly green moist trees, flowers, lilies and roses in bloom, swallows flying around the house, it all looked so peaceful, calm, and yet my thoughts went elsewhere, to places around the world where peace is but a distant dream, places of distress where people have same desires for a fulfilled life as you and me, and yet they live in constant fear because they live in a  country where there is no peace.

When you think of it, life is filled with imbalance. While beauty is a huge part of life, for those of us at least who constantly are on the look out for it, there are realities of less pleasant colours, realities of pain and grief, that make our life on Earth what it is. Sometimes even painful experiences can have hidden beauty in them, they help us grow, show us the strength hidden deep in our core, yet for me there is absolutely nothing beautiful about war.

Enjoying coffee peacefully in one of Dublin’s streets, grateful for graced moments of calm that often touch my heart, I think of the people around the world, people I got to know through the years, many of them now inhabit my heart, from different backgrounds and walks of life; knowing some of the struggles they each face, I wish for more just world, more joy to fill their lives, laughter of children not afraid to play outside, I wish for beauty to bless their hearts, ease their struggles, sooth their pain, I wish for each and every one of them to at least live in places where they are safe.

And so I leave my thoughts unfinished, knowing that in the life’s flow ‘unfinished’ plays integral part; I walk out into the streets of Dublin carrying each of these people in my heart. Know that people you hold dear too, each one of us on this Earth, are held gently in the heart of God, who watches over our stories through His grace, fills the cracks of life with love, and my wish is that we would all know, that His love makes the difference, I wish it would soften the hearts that are cold, and bring more peace to you, to me, to the countries that so deeply long for it. Pray with me for peace….

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 10th July 2014)
Photo by © Iva B.


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