The fields of gold

kapljica-by Iva B.

Today was a wonderful day to travel. Scenery changed with the weather. Some of the Irish fields were clothed in the Sun, some showered in the rain, green meadows washed in the golden glow of sunshine, hills stern and proud, mighty in their strength, white clouds gliding on the bright blue sky, God watching it all, wishing us well.

In the evening a few rainbows appeared along the way, and bright evening Sun was shining over the fields as they were watered with rain. In the comfort of the warm bus I observed it all, awe-struck with beauty. I watched raindrops create a river-like stream on the window next to me and clouds that were white gone with the wind; dark grey clouds covered the sky as the day neared its end. Soon the night did fall on the people who still dream their dreams and the sunset left a taste of a promise of new beginnings. The night covered the beauty of today, yet in its secret depths new possibilities will emerge, like stars, rising tomorrow in the dawn of a new day. And the dream that you dream will open up like a fresh morning flower, while the fields will be showered with gold again.

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 5th July 2014)
Photo by © Iva B.



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