The wine of our love

Rovinj 10-8-2014 - 2a

You press me hard
with that look of yours
piercing through my eyes
your gaze a balm
that even distance cannot

Your tenderness falls onto my soul
like a wedding blanket
knitted in the garden of
our love
crowned with the early morning petals
I immerse myself
into your arms

There in the secret
of our inner dwelling
you wounded me with affection
and pressed me hard
with the pain of your goodbye,
I wondered why?

The secret knowledge
your gaze planted inside my soul
emerged silently
it whispered beyond language
and sounds
instructing my inner being
of your intent
for pressing my heart hard
with the affection of your love

I know now of
your desire to produce wine
from the grapes of sensation
rising within my heart
a wine flowing from
the vineyard of our love

While I gaze in this distant sunset
the coffeepot is still brewing
with unanswered questions
yet the wine
within my heart
is sweet and tender
inviting you to come,
drink, have your fill
my chambers are content
when you are near

For you alone
I produce this wine
though be warned,
my dear love,
it may make you drunk
with a kiss
and my embrace will within
your mind and soul produce
yet your heart will become
peaceful and still
your inner being
finally completely

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, June 2014)
Photo by © Iva B.


2 thoughts on “The wine of our love

  1. It is the depth of spirituality that infuses your reflections that makes your poetry speak with such eternal resonance and makes you such a blessing to others and to me personally.

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