A ballad about love


You are sewn inside my soul
Like a petal of a heavenly flower

Free as a flock of swallows that
In autumn fly with no fear
You are falling deeper into my depths

My heart is a resting place upon which you rest
My chambers smell like lilies in spring
Whenever you are near

My footsteps, gentle as a breeze
Ring like church bells
At the door that leads into you soul

In silence, slowly,
The fragrance of my presence captivates your heart
Far away in the depths
Where words are transferred through the gaze
Love dreams
The most magnificent dreams

I draw comfort
Leaning against your cheeks
And you
In my safe embrace are
Whispering to me a ballad
About beauty of life
Lived in two

© Iva Beranek (Dublin, 1st May 2014, originally written in Croatian)
(Image from the internet)


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